Friday, October 27, 2006

The Home of our First President

Mount Vernon was the home of our first president, George Washington, for forty years. George Washington was a great military leader. His house is visited by thousands of people every year. It is located above the Potomac River.

My favorite part of my visit was seeing a wild osprey. I also enjoyed the beautiful Potomac River. I think that people interested in history should visit there.


Tim Ellsworth said...

I'm glad you got to see Mt. Vernon. George Washington is one of my favorite people from American history. I've never been there, but hope to go someday.

Anonymous said...

Will, you have a great blog here, buddy. I'm glad you got to visit Mt. Vernon. It's really a neat place, isn't it?

I'll be back to visit again soon.

jel said...

welcome to blogland,

that would be a cool place to see!

Anonymous said...

Thanks everybody, for visiting.

Mr. Tim,
Next time you visit Virginia, I'll give you an official tour.

Uncle Gordon,
I'll be looking for you. Please tell C and G hello for me.

Mrs. jel,
Thanks for the welcome!

Anonymous said...


Did you get to see the new museum? I hear it is interesting.

Welcome to the blogs!

Anonymous said...

Mr. Travis,
I did not get to see the museum, but next time I go I want to check it out.

Thanks for stopping by.

Margaret Cole said...

Well, Will, I'm assuming this is the big surprise!!! It was well worth the wait, and I'm extremely glad that I remembered to look. I love the Chronicles of Narnia also. I think I must have read them at least seven times. Now I know two bloggers. Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging, Will! It's pretty cool to have your own corner of the world wide web, ain't it!!?

"My favorite part of my visit was seeing a wild osprey."

OK...You are obviously a fantastic kid if this was your favorite part of the visit! I am an avid "birds of prey" watcher and thrill over seeing them in the wild.

My wife and I stopped at Mount Vernon a few years ago, and decided not to go in. If I had known about the osprey...well, it have been a different story.

Anonymous said...

Mrs. Margaret,
I'm glad you like my blog. Thanks for commenting. I'm glad to know someone else that likes the Chronicles of Narnia.

Mr. Danny Kaye,
If you would have liked the osprey, there is also a bald eagle that lives there. I didn't get to see it, but next time I go I'm going to try and spot it.

Thanks for visiting and commenting.